St. Croix Grapes

St. Croix Grapes 1

Saint Croix (Minnesota # 78 x Seibel 1000) x (Minnesota # 78 x Seneca) Bred by Elmer Swenson in Osceola, Wisconsin.  Hardy to at least -40 F, this black grape has been used to make some very good quality red wines.  In the West, leaf pulling to expose the fruit at ripening helps it develop higher sugar and a more fruity flavor than on untended vines.  Color of the wine is a little light and can be helped by blending with something more intensely colored.   Hardiness is improved on deep soils.  In some areas with shallow soils, there has been root damage when the soil was bare during cold spells below -30 F.  When the soil is deep enough for the roots to go deep, this problem is avoided. 

The very vigorous vines do best when pruned to canes. A B  W,J  E