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Price. A complex blue hybrid from VPI (Virginia Polytechnic Institute). For those who like Concord as a table grape, the flavor of Price is a refined version of Concord. The clusters are small, but the Concord-size berries have juicy, tender, very sweet flesh, and skin that is much more tender and less astringent than Concord. Where Concord has sugar of 16oBrix, Price can achieve 22oBrix.. Three clusters per shoot is not unusual, either. The vine is productive, with good vigor. It ripens very early, usually with the very first grapes in my collection, and is so well adapted to cool climates that it is one of the few grapes that will ripen around Puget Sound. This is my oldest son's favorite grape, and it's one that deserves trial for cool, short growing seasons everywhere. Reported hardy to -25oF, with good general disease resistance.