Diamond Grapes

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Diamond. (syn. Moore's Diamond, White Diamond). (Concord x Iona) This white grape from the 1880's has Concord's adaptability to soils and climates while ripening at least two weeks earlier. For a grape of its time, the flavor is mild, sweet, and not strongly foxy. The vines have an upright growth habit that makes them easy to train, and their vigor is sufficient without being excessive. It is sometimes compared to Niagara, but Diamond is by far the better grape. The fruit will crack in wet weather, though it usually ripens before that is a problem here. Diamond is one parent of Ontario, which in turn, is the parent of a range of quality table grapes. Still used for champagne and still wine in New York and a few other places. Hardy to about -20oF. It is easier to train to cordons with spurs than to canes.