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Bronx Seedless (Goff x Iona) x Sultanina. Introduced in 1937. From Cornell University. The second seedless grape to be released from a controlled breeding program. In New York, other varieties have surpassed it, but this red seedless grape still has followers in parts of the west. While the variety cracks in rainy weather, it performs well in dry conditions. Flavor of Bronx is fruity and very pleasant, somewhat similar to that of Reliance. Clusters are fairly large, but tend to be loose and may have problems setting well. This results in many small, seedless "shot" berries some years. Vigorous and productive, the vine has odd chrome-yellow leaves that are a natural trait, not a disease or problem. Ripens one to two weeks before Concord. Produces best when trained to canes. Hardy to about -10 F.