Brilliant Grapes

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Brilliant (Lindley x Delaware). A red grape bred by T.V. Munson in Denison, Texas. In the late 1800's, Lindley and Delaware were considered top quality grapes. However, LIndley, one of the Rogers' Hybrids, has female flowers and needs to be pollinated by another variety to set a good crop, and it is excessively vigorous. Brilliant was an attempt by Munson to get a grape with high quality that would have a more productive, manageable vine. In my vineyard, Brilliant is still excessively vigorous and only moderately productive at best. The brick-red berries are about the size of Concord, but on smaller, more compact clusters. Quality is coarser and the flavor isn't as good as either parent in my area, though growers in hotter climates like it. Not surprising since it was selected in the hot climate of Denison, Texas. Hardiness is unknown. Probably in the -15 to -20 F range. Ripe about with Delaware. Prune to canes and give it extra room in the row.