Photo Credit: Bruce Smith, Iowa State University

Alpenglow (Original number, ES-2-8-1) ES 5-14 x ‘Swenson Red’ Bred by Elmer Swenson in Osceola, Wisconsin. Introduced in 1987.

Named by Peggy Backup circa 2001.

The clusters of this seeded white to light red grape are long and loose with fim, medium size grapes. The berries only turn color where they are in sunlight. The fruit ripens very early and while this grape is used primarily for wine, the firm, mild grapes are good as table grapes, too.

The vines have good vigor and productivity.

White wine from Alpenglow has been described as light and neutral with very low acid and low sugar. Works well in blending to lower the acidity of high acid wines.

Hardy to at least -20° F.

Training Alpenglow to spurs on cordons works for me, though production in cooler climates would be better with cane training.